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Custom Picture Framing

A great piece of art might be able to overcome an unattractive frame, but the right frame design can make even an inexpensive print look like a million bucks.  And you know that is true when you see it.

Frame design encompasses a multitude of variables, including your tastes.  the size, color, style, and textures of the frame package work together to enhance the look of your art and simultaneously reflect your unique personality.  Much like choosing new clothes, a painting could be framed several ways that would all work, but would they all appeal to you or fit your style?  That's why we offer a wide range of options, and why we ask questions that will help us understand your needs.

Some of our questions will be about the nature of what you wish to frame.  Is it an original work of art or a reproduction?  Is it a one-of-a-kind item or can it be replaced easily  and inexpensively?  Does it have great monetary or personal value?  Is it an heirloom that you will pass along to future generations or a decorative piece that you will replace in a year or two?

The various components of a framing package depend on what is being framed.  A painting or print on canvas is treated differently than a work on paper or textile.  We will go over all of the options, the mats, glass, decorative styles and conservation framing.  Each feature has benefits and pitfalls.  We will work to bring your vision to light, exactly the way it should be 

Free Samples

There's always something new happening every week at our shop.  New frames and mats are always coming in.  Here's just a few of the styles we have.  Be sure to come in for a free consultation and use our Visualize It software to see how it will look before you buy it.

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Photo Restoration

Bring us your treasured photos in for a little bit of love.  We scan your torn, scratched, cracked and faded pictures and digitally restore them.  Take a look at these examples:

Once we repair the image, you are now able to use it in any way you like.  Digitally enhance, colorize or blown up to canvas size.  Ask us about our Imaging Services that includes things like photo collage prints, or artwork direct from your photo.  Place them on plaques to commemorate a special date or event.  We can even help you build exquisite looking archives that will preserve your photos for years and years.

Quality Condition Inspection

Every so often, it is wise to have your valuable framed art inspected by a professional to make sure it is in good condition and that your precious art or photos are being protected at its highest level. Bring your art to us or we can come to you. A brief inspection can ensure your art will last for years and years.

Delivery & Installation

We are your full–service custom framing company.  We will pick up, deliver and install your artwork.  We have the experience working with every shape, size and weight out there.  Let us take the headache out of getting your art here and getting your art home after we are done.

Call us today for a quote or us the form below.  Pricing will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

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