Certified Framers

Our Team of Certified Picture Framers are Unmatched

Vickie Sheridan

Owner & operator of the Framers Market & Gallery, Vickie is an experienced custom art framer and an artist (watercolors) in her own right. Originally from Ohio and most recently from Maine, Vickie has always done her own framing as an artist. She has previously trained and worked in two custom frame shops and then operated her own custom framing business in Maine. Vickie has also worked with graphic design and layout. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Norwich University in Montpelier, Vermont and is a Certified Picture Framer. Her experiences in graphic design combined with her artist’s eye and strong understanding of color relationships all contribute to her strong framing designs and meticulous work.

David Bright

Production Manager and long-time employee of the Framers Market & Gallery, David really helps to set the tone here. He hails originally from Colorado though he developed his unique personality and framing talents in the L.A. art world. As an artist, he both produced and showed abstract expressionist paintings and also worked for various custom framing concerns in the high end market of L.A. David brought his wide range of talent to Prescott in 1992 and has been involved in the custom art framing scene here since then. David joined Framers Market and Gallery in 1995, and has entertained, cajoled, and kidded with our customers ever since then, providing them with both a wonderful experience and great framing for their art.

Jim Sheridan

Co–Owner of the Framers Market & Gallery, Jim is a graduate of New England Framing Academy training program in Keene, N.H. and following that provided frame building services for the small framing business that Vickie and he owned in Maine. He is part–timer in the shop.

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